Vessel Tracking Giving Full Journey Visibility

A data service providing every route detail for all container vessels – including historic, current and even predicted positions.

Track the past, present & future

Unlimited tracking of vessels with full journey visibility – the Vessel Tracking service provides every route detail for all container vessels and their port
of destination and includes historic, current and even predicted positions. The service also provides complete vessel schedules,
including detailed information about each port call – including actuals, planned and GateHouse predictions built on machine learning and our large data lake.

Vessels – past, present, future

Every route detail for all container vessels – including historic, current and even predicted positions.

Get (more) accurate ETA

Get precise and accurate ETAs as dynamic data such as speed over ground and course over ground are included in GateHouse’s Vessel Tracking service also.

These are the ETA predictions you can trust and rely on.

More than AIS

The Vessel Tracking service provides every route detail for all container vessels.

Master data is available on each vessel including the vessel IMO, MMSI, length, width, type and name, so you won’t have to rely on AIS only.

Frictionless integration

The onboarding process and API-integration against your own client component are both frictionless.

Throughout the whole course you get a personal integration manager that will assist you in any way possible, so you can focus on your business and clients.

Why our Vessel Tracking?

Vessel Tracking offers multiple services that support your exact use-case such as: Current vessel position, historic positions, predicted route, ETA to next port, port calls (arrival/departure) and both scheduled, actuals and predicted. These all ensure that your users’ global supply chain is credible and reliable with no disruptions – all because of our data quality.

Fast track: Get up and running in just a week

Seven days is all we need to get you started providing customers with valuable insights with help from our data. Our data services are easy to implement and built on DCSA open standards to ensure a seamless integration with your current systems.


Vessel Tracking is so much more than just AIS-data. We provide you with historic, latest and predicted route positions empowering any end-user to make the right, data-driven decision.


We provide historic, latest and predicted route positions. In terms of Port Calls we deliver both Scheduled, Actual and our own Predicted arrival and departure estimate.


All our data is unified, quality-checked and enriched before it is streamed only to the relevant subscribers.


We guarantee unmatched and second-to-none data quality as foundation for your daily operations.


Increase transparency and provide full visibility with positions updates up to each quarter.


You want Intermediate port calls or not? Start a Vessel track form Port of Loading or from last port call. Configure your Vessel Track exactly as you prefer.

Know the difference

Our goal is to always strive for perfection. In the table below you see the difference between basic Vessel Tracking
provided by the average carrier compared to our advanced Vessel Tracking with OceanIO®.
Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

Make predictions
with AI on your side

Shipments tend to be delayed and an inaccurate ETA can mean major disruptions to your customers’ supply chain. If the shipment is delayed, you should be able to give customers a more realistic and accurate ETA and this is exactly what our data does. We provide an alternative and more accurate ETA, meaning that your customer can rearrange further transport thus increasing profit and overview at the same time. This is possible because of our OceanIO® technology making our services unique and trustworthy.

Easy integration

It has never been easier to get your users the answers they deserve: The onboarding itself is frictionless and you get your own personal integration manager. API-integration of our data is truly simple and you will have it done in no time.



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