Transport Tracking – Simplifying Your Container And Vessel Monitoring

Transport Tracking, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your container and vessel monitoring needs. Our Transport Tracking service will revolutionize the way you manage and visualize your supply chain journeys.
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The Challenge: Bridging the Gap between Container and Vessel Tracking

At GateHouse Maritime, we understand the intricacies of the Supply Chain Industry. Our clients often utilize Container Numbers, Booking Numbers, and Bill of Ladings as primary identifiers for tracking their cargo. However, when it comes to Vessel Tracking, the focus shifts to IMOs or MMSIs. This transition can create challenges, especially for those managing both Container and Vessel Tracking simultaneously, especially when dealing with factors like transshipments.

The Solution: Simplifying Complexity With Transport Tracking

Our Container Tracking data service enables you to track containers in real-time from port to port with precise and trustworthy ETAs. This empowering ocean freight tracking gives you control over your global supply chain, so you won’t have to worry about disruptions and can satisfy your customers and users with the end-to-end insights they crave.

What is Transport Tracking?

Transport Tracking is the ultimate solution for customers who require both container tracking milestones and comprehensive vessel tracking. We’ve simplified the process for you, handling all the complexity behind the scenes.

How It Works

Easy Milestone

When you request container milestone tracking, you can use familiar identifiers like Container Numbers, Booking Numbers, or Bill of Ladings. We take care of generating all the milestones – from gate out to the final gate in empty – including predictive data. You can choose to receive updates through push notifications or pull from our platform.


Creating a container track is as simple as that. You’re automatically requesting a Transport Track on top of your existing container tracking setup. No additional identifiers or adjustments are necessary.

No More

With Transport Tracking, you can leave behind concerns about IMO or MMSI numbers, determining when to switch tracking between transshipped containers, and identifying Points of Loading (POL) and Points of Discharge (POD). We handle it all, allowing you to focus on utilizing the data to your advantage.

Unlocking Visualization and Insights

Our Transport Tracking service provides you with an array of benefits:
Easily visualize the entire journey of your cargo on a map. Witness the full scope of your supply chain in a user-friendly interface.
Access historical and current routes for all vessels your container has been loaded on. Furthermore, receive predictive data for the vessels your container will be transferred to, even before the actual transshipment event.
transport tracking - historical, current and future data
In the competitive landscape of 3PL and freight forwarding, exceptional customer service sets you apart. With Transport Tracking, you can provide your clients with real-time updates and accurate information about the status and location of their cargo. Delight your customers with proactive notifications, reduce response times to inquiries, and foster transparency in your client relationships.

Experience the Future of Container and Vessel Monitoring

Transport Tracking by GateHouse Maritime is designed with your convenience in mind. Say goodbye to the complexities of managing different tracking identifiers and transshipment intricacies. Embrace a simplified, intuitive, and comprehensive solution that empowers you to stay in control of your supply chain journey.

Ready to embark on a new era of tracking? Get started with Transport Tracking today and elevate your container and vessel monitoring experience to new heights.