The OceanIO® Platform

Our data services are built on the OceanIO® Platform ensuring you the best possible data quality in the market. See for yourself how we transform raw data into valuable insights strengthening your platform.

What is OceanIO®?

OceanIO® is our code and our core. Converting raw streams of input from multiple sources into compiled, uniform and useful data. OceanIO® is a growing sphere of billions of data points, astonishing algorithms and a result of thousands of work hours by brilliant minds.

Latency, consistency and accuracy are some of the keywords describing OceanIO® – it is fast, uniform and exact data that you can always rely on.

Take advantage of our OceanIO® platform and supply your customers with all the answers to their questions and demands – try us out and let us amaze you with the superiority of our data platform.

How does it work?

Collecting Data points

The platform collects 150 million data points every day! OceanIO® consolidates data from multiple sources (eg. ports, terminals and vessels).

GateHouse Maritime’s data foundation consists of 350+ billion data points. That should just about cover it, right?

Refined and unified Data

OceanIO® collects the multiple streams of data and unifies them into a standard format for your convenience.

In general, all our data is unified, quality-checked and enriched before it is streamed only to the relevant subscribers.

MACHINE Predictions

OceanIO® makes predictions from machine learning and 20+ years of data: Real-time and historic data worked together with machine learning enables analytics and provides actionable insights. This makes up our super data services: Container Tracking, Vessel Tracking and Port Intelligence.

Data Services built on OceanIO® technology

There are several benefits of our data services being based on the OceanIO® platform that makes our data services stand out from the competition: First of all, you don’t need to build yourself – we are ages of development hours in front and have the expertise and the services that you might consider building yourself. Secondly, the OceanIO® platform is agile, so if we encounter a gap in our data we simply adjust, correct and find alternative sources in order to make our data the best. And last – but not least – the data platform is uniform, structured and ready to integrate. OceanIO® makes order in a sea of data.


Track any container worldwide with our Container Tracking Data Service. Get real-time status and accurate ETA predictions using our DaaS tracking solution.

Vessel Tracking

Vessel Tracking provides every route detail for all container vessels and their port of destination. This includes historic, current and even predicted positions.

Port Intelligence

Visualize port congestion and compare ports globally to enable customers to optimize routes and pickup. Show users every detail including berthing, dwell time and anchorage.

Pure ingenuity made possible by sharp minds

The OceanIO® platform is a work of art. Molded by brilliant minds over the course of a decade.

Want to help build and evolve the OceanIO® platform? Head over to our Careers Page to get in touch.

Developer Jesper Skovby talks about being part of the OceanIO® Team:

“When I first joined GateHouse Maritime as a Developer, I was amazed of the complexity of the OceanIO Platform. It’s so much more than just collecting data and pushing it to our customers. We have spent ages finetuning the algorithms used to refine and uniform the raw data streams coming in from multiple sources. My colleagues and I are actually very proud to be part of the team behind the OceanIO Platform.”


Transport Tracking

Simplifying your container and vessel monitoring.
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