Predictive Discharge & Gate-Out On OceanIO®: Power Up Supply Chain Analytics

Smart, Incoming Data is good; predictive data and insights customized to your business needs is even better. 

Data is pure power

Predictive insights and analytics help process vast arrays of data and provide you with super powers to make split-second decisions (or careful decisions made after long deliberations).  Real-time data and predictive insights (partly aided by Machine learning) give you timely, relevant, and pertinent data.

Easily optimize pickup planning

Be proactive in case of deviations

Avoid unnecessary demurrage fees

Take advantage of supply chain analytics, uncover patterns, generate insights, make sense of real-time data to make data-driven decisions. 

Your New Super Power

Our Predictive Discharge and Gate-out are Gatehouse Maritime’s new features that only add to your super powers.  Thanks to a staggering (and growing) database of billions of data points and smart algorithms, we provide customized and relevant data with consistency, accuracy, and zero latency.  

Ideal for 3PL (third-party logistics provider) and Freight-forwarders.
If you have anything to do with supply chain, logistics, ocean visibility, shipping and transportation needs, supply your customers with timely and accurate data.  Eliminate guesswork.

  • Get accurate, enriched, and smart data. Streamed to you. 
  • Establish a tight control on shipping, supply chain, and operations.
  • Save time and money by knowing when to pick up containers

How Gatehouse OceanIO® Works

The Gatehouse OceanIO® is Our Promise. Our code. Our core.  For you.

We collect, refine, process, and provide precise data. You make the smart decisions (and look good doing it!). 

Gatehouse OceanIO® collects data from an array of more than 350+ Billion data points — of both historic and real-time data) consolidating data from multiple sources (such as ports, vessels, containers, shipping terminals, carriers, and more).  In the process of collecting and delivering data, OceanIO® taps into an existing database of more than 20+ years of data, learns from it.

Our platform then uses Machine Learning to provide you with predictive insights, and actionable analytics. This allows you to make intelligent, sharp, and proactive decisions.  This data from multiple sources is processed, unified, checked, enriched, and delivered to you in a format of your choice. 


The Smart Way Ahead

At the end of the day these predictive events are what really matters and provides the answer to the question:

  • When can I pick up my container?
  • How to optimize product pickups, transportation, and logistics planning?
  • What’s happening at Port A or Port B? How crowded are the ports?
  • What are the estimated rise in costs or total costs incurred on this route?
  • What do we answer when our end users ask for ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival?)

The GateHouse Maritime platform OceanIO® just launched both predictive discharge and gate out — our brand new features that’ll set the stage of what’s next in digitization and using big data for that competitive edge you are looking for. 

Lots of questions.
But where are the answers?

You get them all (and more) with the OceanIO® platform.

OceanIO®’s discharge and gate out predictions enables you to:

  • Establish a tight control on shipping, supply chain, and operations.
  • Power up on proactive decision-making by using discharge data: the time the container is unloaded from the Vessel and Gate-out (the time the container is picked up and leaves the terminal).
  • Think and act ahead by knowing both discharge and gate-out insights reduce “dwell” (the time difference between the two events).
  • Knowing predictive discharge and Gate-out will provide you with insights about potential demurrage fees and show you ways to reduce D&D charges.


Predicted arrival is important.  Together with predicted discharge and gate-out, you’ll get access to real insights on the port performance, complete port intelligence, and manage like a pro.   Add a dash of valuable insights about the regional inland logistics states and other data and you get even more.  With intelligent and smart predictions, it’s time for you to stop being reactive and turn the focus to being proactive.

See how OceanIO® Predictive Discharge and Gate-out insights help you retain a competitive edge, beat competition, and be vigilant.


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