Have your supply chain visibility platform track any container, ship or port status worldwide

Gatehouse Maritime’s product brand OceanIO lets you integrate quality data services into your supply chain logistics platform to track past, current and future positions of any container or vessel worldwide. Enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide your clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Container Tracking

Bring transparency to ocean supply chains

Integrate our quality data services into your platform to help your customers keep track of ocean supply chains.

Track any container worldwide and get real-time status and accurate ETA predictions using our DaaS tracking solution.

Unlimited tracking of vessels with complete journey visibility. Get every route detail for all container vessels and their port of destination and includes historic, current, and even predicted positions.
Improve operations and help your stakeholders plan ahead. Visualize port congestion through several data events and give users a perfect overview of all container ports worldwide.
Get instant access to near real-time information on all deep-sea container services and specific container vessel schedules in one place.
Optimize your operations, plan for port calls, and improve supply chain efficiency by combining various data sources to update predictions on the next port a vessel is heading toward.

Leading in ocean visibility

Why choose our data services? Simple. We are the best at what we do. For 20+ years we have provided customers with high-quality data used to optimize supply chain operations all over the globe. We have done the hard part and made a sea of data accessible for you to turn into precious information and insight.

Trusted by the best

Several of our customers are listed by Gartner® as leaders of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms. They have chosen us to provide data that are vital in achieving excellence. If that is not a seal of approval, we don’t know what is.

We've got you covered

We cover 130 sealine carriers (including all the major players) resulting in a 99% global coverage. We strive not only to reach the 100% mark, but also to fill any gap in our data services. You shouldn’t settle for less than perfect.

A Data-as-a-Service platform

OceanIO® is our code and our core. Converting raw streams of input from multiple sources into compiled, uniform and useful data. OceanIO® is a growing sphere of billions of data points, astonishing algorithms and a result of thousands of work hours by brilliant minds.

Latency, consistency and accuracy are some of the keywords describing OceanIO® – it is fast, uniform and exact data that you can always rely on.

Take advantage of our OceanIO® platform and supply your customers with all the answers to their questions and demands – try us out and let us amaze you with the superiority of our data platform.

How does it work?

Collecting Data points

The platform collects 150 million data points every day! OceanIO® consolidates data from multiple sources (eg. ports, terminals and vessels).

GateHouse Maritime’s data foundation consists of 350+ billion data points. That should just about cover it, right?

Refined and unified Data

OceanIO® collects the multiple streams of data and unifies them into a standard format for your convenience.

In general, all our data is unified, quality-checked and enriched before it is streamed only to the relevant subscribers.

MACHINE Predictions

OceanIO® makes predictions from machine learning and 20+ years of data: Real-time and historic data worked together with machine learning enables analytics and provides actionable insights. This makes up our super data services: Container Tracking, Vessel Tracking and Port Intelligence.


Transport Tracking

Simplifying your container and vessel monitoring.
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